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Hi. Thanks for all of your replys. I really appreciate it. Most doctors when they find out I'm a grad student studying political science and european history are shocked as well.
Anyway I started to keep a pain journal. And the symptoms are mostly located on the left. It radiates from my neck, into my upper/back side of my arm and shoulder. And goes down into my hips and left leg. Although, my calves on both sides and tops of my feet have no feeling anymore. Not for a few years now.
Then when I walk, oh man. I get this horrible pain in my chest, and I'm fit. I mean yeah I smoke cigarettes but I also walk about 9 or 10 miles a week. Anyway, when the chest pain starts, I can't breathe and I get a stabbing under my breast area. (Not sure where lungs are exactly, fascinated by science but never any good at it).
So the pain never goes away. It just stays and doesn't throb. It's just there never ceasing. Like this horribly constant ache and burning feeling, in my neck and low back. My mid-back where the first MRI showed herniation, only hurts when I move for more than a few minutes or sit or lay down for more than 30 minutes.
Oh and the doctor I see now, said never let anyone say I have fibromyalgia. Because once labeled with that, then doctors never take you seriously. This is because he said that only women have this "diagnosis" and that it's only because they are not listened to at home and just want someone to complain to. He also said that the medication for it, is anti-depressants. That's all it is. He was a bit frank, but I appreciate the candor. I don't like being bull-shitted.
Well thanks for your help. I'm not sure what to do, I just know that it's not fair for anyone to have this pain and for governments to decide what kind and how much of certain medications patients are allowed to receive from their doctors is bull. Everyone is different, you can't lump all of us together and say were all identical. We need doctors to treat us as people not paperwork. And we need a government who will help us, not hinder us.
Sorry going off on a rant. Anyway, thanks again. Good luck to all of you! I hope medical science will soon discover a way to cure us for good.

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