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[QUOTE=Moldova;5067804]Hi and welcome!
The good news you live in NYC, which makes your access to the best of the best HSS easier. I have to travel to see my surgeons and my doctors at that place. You must go there, if you didn't yet, for their opinion. They excellent and very honest; you will know for sure what your options are. The only thing, make sure you have all your reports, scans and test results in order not to repeat them with no need.

I had RFA done many years ago, before the surgery; couple my friends with spinal issues had it done. None of us benefited from it and in fact had long time pain after the procedure. Not to sound too pessimistic but all the promises we heard from our doctors what to expect after RFA heals, never came through. Same as multiple epidurals.

I am sure you hear many different opinions about spinal surgeries. Don't forget though that people who are doing great, they are out and about, they don't come to this board to seek answers and share their problems. So you don't have a chance to hear from well doing post-op people.
All depends on your issues; all depends on surgery it self. Some surgeries more complicated than others. Some surgeries may take 4 hours and some over 10 hours. How many levels involved, also very important. Of course your overall health; weight; smoking; healing issues. For example I suffer from auto-immune conditions so my healing due to inflammation is not great. For some people it can be sooner with less pain and complications; for some it can be a long time terrible ordeal...
You can't make your decision based on what you read or hear here. You must make decision based on what your good doctors tell you, on how your life quality changed, and what future brings if you don't have the surgery.
Don't forget to see couple opinions; you cant make decision surgery or not just b/c one doctor told you so. It doesn't matter how much you like and trust your Dr. Spinal surgeries are not a walk in a park and you want to make sure that no other way, but surgery for you. Not a secret that some surgeons more knife happy than others and this is why second opinion is important too.

Only after everything was done, couple opinions included, every possible test to determent your damages - than only you have to decide if your situation is so bad that surgery is only option. If you have another choice - take it. Surgery must be your last straw, when you don't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Best of luck to you

Thank you so much for your kind words. I finally got my dr notes and mri copies and will be seeking to get second and third opinions. I too feel that this RFA is not working. I know the dr said 4-6 weeks, but its been 4 and I feel worse than I did four months ago when the injections wore off. Its soothing to hear that although the drs claim success, that I'm not crazy with not believing this is working for me. I'll keep you informed!!

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