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The thing about this new MRI which was done in the hospital vs. clinic where all my others had been is that this one was done with contrast. not sure if that made the difference.

I have been struggling with leg pain in both legs, but pain is very distinct and different in both. Also I could not sit in a car or at my desk for very long without it causing the pain down my legs. THis had been going on for 4-5 years.

I have had 4 MRI's and all have said that there was a slight bulge at L5/S1 and on the right. Nothing that would even cause pain in the left leg.

Needless to say, most Dr. appts were quite dismissive. It also wasn't constant. Sometimes I'd go months without pain and other times I would be in the worst pain and would want to rip my leg off.

I've had 2 ESIs over the summer and the right one worked like a charm. The left one has worn off.

Since then, I had 2 days of the intense throbbing, nerve pain that would start on the left and shoot down the leg. About every 30-40 seconds. A pulsating nerve pain.

It was then I was curious as to what my MRI said so I requested a copy. When I read it, I was surprised. I hadn't seen mention of cysts before.

I emailed my PCP and described what it said. She responded by stating that "it sounds like sciatica, if it continues, please come see me". WHAT?!? She didn't comment on the cysts, (or even the fact that the MRI also found an ovarian cyst).

I googled synovial cysts and it actually sounds like they really could be my pain generator, but once again, dismissed by my PCP.

I should ask for a referral, should I see the neurologist? or spine specialist?

...and I still haven't been able to access my previous MRI results, out of town..

it's very discouraging.

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