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Dear Elaine,
I am so sorry about your pain and such experience.

I could talk to you till morning telling you about my own experience or my friends experiences about surgeries and pain. But honestly this will not be helpful to you at all. Only because each surgery is unique; results vary from patient to patient. All depends on many things like age, what exactly was done, how many levels, how bad were damages and if nerves were "touched" during surgery, smoking, weight, auto-immune conditions, and much more. Not one surgery is exactly like another one, they all so different and this is why recovery is very different too.
For some people first surgery was the worse and took longer to recover, for others - second surgery. Very hard to compare, I hope it makes any sense to you.
Only your surgeon may know why your second surgery brings you more pain, but often they dont know either. I wish they would have all the answers for us.
One thing I know for sure and this is for everyone: take your pain medication regularly, because if pain escalates to high level, than very hard to bring it back. And another important thing: When we hurt, we don't heal.
I thought I was a hero by waiting until I couldn't wait anymore and only than take my pills. My PM yelled at me saying this is a very silly idea, to never wait when pain gets bad, but take meds when pain just starts.
And "when we hurt - we don't heal", this is so true. If we in pain, we cant sleep, by not sleeping, we exhaust our system thus body doesn't have strength to heal itself.

Best wishes on your recovery

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