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I first had an MRI scan back in 2007, following neck pain and was diagnosed with wear and tear, I wasn't given any treatment at all, and in 2010 was suffering considerably with pain in my neck and left shoulder, and after 10 months of visiting my GP monthly, was referred for another MRI scan, this scan revealed a partial tear in the tendon of my left shoulder and bulging discs in C5/C6 in my cervical spine. I had the tendon repaired around 10 months after the scan, and continued with no treatment to my neck, other than Tramadol for the pain. I was eventually seen by a Neurosurgeon for my neck in January 2012, and was offered a nerve root injection, which was carried out in March this year, and gave no benefit at all. I was seen again by the NeuroSurgeon and he agreed a fresh MRI scan should be done. I had this scan done in June, and an appointment to be seen with the results of this scan was sent in the post to me, for 28th May 2013 (basically a whole year after being seen in clinic, when I was told I would need a new scan as the one they were working with was 18 months out of date!!).
I am in the process of sorting out a sooner appointment, but have in the meantime obtained a copy of the scan report, and wondered if there is anyone out there that can help me understand it.

It reads as follows: [B]Degenerative Disc Disease is seen throughout the cervical spine, with straightening of the normal cervical lordosis. Broad based disc osteophyte complexes are indenting the theca and contacting the spinal cord between c3/4 and c6/7 levels. At c5/6 the complex is more prominent with flattening of the right side of the spinal chord. Bilateral nerve root foraminal narrowing is identified at c5/6 level with milder left sided narrowing also noted at c6/7.
Degenerative disc bulges are minimally indenting the spinal chord at T5/6 and T6/7.
No other significant abnormaility has been indentified.[/B]

I am having NO treatment at all, just pain relief in the form of Tramadol and Paracetomol. I suffer with pins and needles in both hands, this was originally more in my finger tips, but has started in the whole hand recently, I have constant discomfort in my neck, can no longer look up, and find it difficult to look to the right for longer than a few seconds, I also have periods of dropping things, sometimes I have swelling at the base of my skull, headaches in the back of the head, dizziness, shoulder pain in both shoulders, I sleep very poorly, as I constantly wake up when I move, due to pain/discomfort and regulary wake with pins and needles in both hands.

I do appreciate you taking the time to read my post, and hope someone maybe able to help me understand my scan more...

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