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Hi I am glad that I cleared up the meaning of tickety-boo! Well from my understanding of what surgeon 2 said . . . from looking at the MRI image he said that I have had a discectomy and half laminectomy at L4/L5 level, I have something not "quite right" with the area around S1 and L5 and his opinion is that it appears the surgeon initially went in at the wrong level (which could explain why my surgery scar is a lot bigger than it needed to be - about 6 or 7 inches from the base of my spine upwards _ and the surgery itself lasted 4 hours - which I have been told is more than double the standard amount of time for this type of procedure.)

Now normally he said he would recommend a fusion at L4/L5 level for extra stability. BUT my case is complicated by the fact I have another disc protrusion at L2/3 and he would have to include that in the fusion as well because otherwise a sinlge fusion would put too much strain on the already damaged disc next door. Then he showed me the imaging from my lateral standing Xray and explained my spine was unnaturally curving inwards due to the fact it as been left so unstable. I not just have loss of lordosis but it as started to curve in the opposite direction. So he then started talking about fusing my whole spine with lord knows what rods and screws . . . . I was too upset by this point to fully take in the exact medical terminology and why my spine is now like this from what I beleive started out as a relatively simple problem (Prior to all this I was extremely fit, healhy, active, and not overweight etc) So I am skeptical I now need surgery so extreme but I am obviously not an expert and I do know the pain I am in every day . . . . so maybe he is right, but it just seems so surreal to me because I already feel like I have been to hell and back as it is. Sorry this turned into such a long reply - but thanks for listening!

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