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The surgeon himself should have surgical report & mri report if he orderrd it. When you went in to surgeon, E.R., hospital, surgical facility check if spelling error made on your name. Surgery has a board&a log of surgeries done on day your surgery was done. Have them check under surgeons name on the log in ER or surgical facility of who he/she did surgery on that day. Also, maybe they wrote wrong birthdate. Like put year of date of surgery instead of birth year. Just a suggestion. Hope that you find it. And i hope that you get better soon. Sure is big surgery. Make sure that your current symptoms earrant the risks. Too late gor me. I hope not for you. P.s. lab work & chest xray usually done before surgery. They could check the date too to see if someone resembling your name & b'day had something ordered by surgeon that day. Thanks, gmak

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