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I would agree that what you are feeling is perfectly typical and that things will improve as the weeks go by. Too many people are left with the idea that because they are having a "micro" surgery, the recovery will go much faster and easier.

You are still early in your recovery. You just need to be patient and keep following your surgeon's instructions, and gradually you will begin to notice that you no longer have those aches and pains.

I would agree that you may be walking too much. Unless you were used to walking that distance immediately prior to surgery, it is too intense at this point.
Try backing off the distance, and take short, frequent walks for the first ten weeks or so...that will help keep scar tissue from attaching to the nerves as it forms and fills in. Then when you are more completely healed, pick up the distance and you can begin to walk more for aerobic exercise. But for now, short, frequent walks will better serve your purposes.

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