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I would like to know what this exactly means (symptoms weakness and pain in right leg when walking I drag foot.)
Results: EMG testing revealed acute on chronic denervation at L5-S1 on the right. The motor unit action potential analysis revealed neuropathic changes at L-S1 on the right. Nerve conduction studies were essentially normal.
Impression: Acute on chronic L5-S1 radiculopathy on the right.

Also what do all the 2+, 0, 1+ numbers mean on the results paper are the good or bad?

I am scheduled to have a microdisectomy on November 12. So any comments would be very helpfull. Thank you in advance.
I googled the term "denervation" & it appears that there is an "interruption" in the way the nerve works. Not sure what treatment can be done for this. But it would appear that since it is chronic it means that it is an ongoing process. I would imagine that it means that the nerves are not responding as they normally should.

As to the cause and treatment that I can not say. What does your doctor say as to treatment?

When I dont understand something in a report I rely on the doctors input and I try to google any information that may give me an idea of what the causes are; the symptoms and the treatments of the same.
The results of the EMG/nerve conduction study is usually not discussed with the patient in any detail because it is very complex and many doctors aren't comfortable trying to interpret all the numbers. The results are all graphed and the physician must interpret them. I have often heard said that the EMG is only as good as the person who administers it and the person who interprets the results.

Radiculopathy is characterized by motor and/or sensory changes in the neck and arms or the legs and feet, which results from extrinsic pressure on the nerve root. In your case this is occurring at the L5-S1 segment of the spine and it sounds like it is causing what we think of as classic "sciatic" pain.

Something is putting pressure on the nerve. If you are scheduled for a discectomy, I assume that you have a herniated disc that is compressing either the L5 or S1 nerve root.

The solution is to decompress the nerve.

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