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I have had herniated disc/sciatica oct 2011. I took some meds and in a month or so I felt better. In August 2012 the same pain came back and was very bad.I had shooting pain coming from my back to my right buttock , going down to my leg and down to my heel. I had pins and needles feeling. I had to use a walker and I lost 8 kg in a month and half. My dr prescribed Gabapentin, baclofen, celebrex, plus a stomach protector, plus gravol and sleeping pills. I was taking all this plus arimidex because I had breast cancer 2010. Gradually the pain started to ease. Meanwhile I saw the orthopeadic surgeon and after some tests I was a candidate for surgery which is on Nov 29, 2012. Now I feel 80% better, my walk is steady , before I couldnt walk , I was limping. Now I can drive, sit, do many things , couldnt do before. I still feel the pain in my leg when I cough. sneeze or bend.
A week ago, I started to lessen the meds I am taking to see if the pain will come back without them. I stopped celebrex, baclofen, gaba, sleeping pills. wow my body started to act funny, always anxious, have nausea, I feel my body is eating itslef. Really bad feeling and I am still epxeriencing these feelings. But I am determined to stay away from meds.
I had more than 5 opinions about the surgery, that if I feel better I dont do it. But at the same time I am afraid that the same problem, the same pain will come back God knows when.
Can anyone who had experience or advice tell me what to do please. I dont have much time left to decide.

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