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[QUOTE=teteri66;5083202]What you describe in terms of the patterns of pain sound quite typical for a problem that involves the L4 , L5 and S1 spinal nerves, such as would come from a disc herniations at L4-L5 and L5-S1. I suspect there may be something else showing on MRI that your doctor didn't pick up on.

You clearly have symptoms that indicate one or more spinal nerves are being compressed. Look online for a "dermatome map" and look to see which areas of the body are innervated by those lower lumbar nerves....You will see it runs down the leg and into the foot...similar to what you have.

I know it takes a long time to get those first appointments with specialists, so I would like to suggest that you make one with a spine specialist. This is either a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon whose practice is limited to the neck and back. You do not want an ortho who replaces joints and mends broken bones, a sports ortho or a neurosurgeon who would rather operate on the brain. These are the two specialties that have the additional training in diseases of the spine.

A neurologist is a specialist in diseases of the nerves and is not the best one to diagnose you accurately. This specialty is helpful to perform tests such as the EMG which can show if there is nerve damage, but is not the best person to diagnose a spinal problem, particularly if it is a mechanical problem or a herniated disc!

If the herniations aren't too bad, the doctor will recommend conservative treatments such as a course of physical therapy, oral medications, perhaps a series of epidural steroid injections in an effort to

You might want to be very careful in allowing a chiropractor to adjust your back. Until you know if there is nerve involvement, or perhaps nerve damage, a well-meaning chiropractor can cause more harm than good.

Hope you get some answers soon. The type of pain you have is no fun.[/QUOTE] RESPONSE

I want to thank you very very much for responding to my posts. A lot of what you mentioned does make a lot of sense to me. I also think something is being missed with my test reading results. A reason that leads me to think this is the first xray i had the radiologists who read it said no problems at all, my chiropractor disagreed when he saw it and that is when my dr. sent me for the cat scan which the same radiologist downplayed the 2 posterior disc herniations. Now the mri has been read once again by the same radiologist. Last time I went to my dr. and he ordered an mri i asked him straight up is the same radiologist reading this one to. It just doesn't make sense that the left protrusion is causing all these symptoms especially on the opposite side. Also i have stopped going to chiropractor after 9 adjustments he also thought we should stop with the adjustments. So can you tell me that when they do a nerve test how that differs from finding compressions in the spine. I have been on the internet for months now researching and I got to say all along I have thought it was some kind of compression. What I didn't mention is last spring I bought a dirt bike which after long rides would leave me with lot of butt pain, but would always go away within a couple days. So when this buttocks problem happened on its own even though I hadn't been riding it for months, I was think that may have been when I compressed or did damage. The narrow seats on those things are terrible. I have never had any problems like this riding my atv.... so might be the cause. Sorry to go on, My next websearch is a dermatome map that you mentioned and a search on spine specialist. thank you again. I really appreciate you taken the time and care to respond

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