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First thank you for taking the time to read my post, I am so hoping somebody here will be able to help me through these trying times.
I am a 44 y.o. very active female before all this. Starting in early August I began to suffer lots of pain in my groin area and worse than usual pain in my lower back, not sure what to do or what kind of dr. to see I just kinda waited it out. I finally went to my general practitioner who did some blood tests and urine tests and said the results were a high white blood count along with blood and bacteria in urine and thought I probably had a urinary tract infection, possibly in the bladder or kidney. He prescribed an antibiotic which did not take away the groin pain at all. About 3 weeks into all this I also began to have very extreme pain in my buttocks, very severe pain. I was in so much pain memorial day weekend, friday night. I ended up going to the emergency room. the dr. on duty said I had sciatica and sent me home with vicodin and prednisone and said I would start feeling lot better in a few days. Well I did not feel better, I began to feel a lot worse matter of fact, the pain was so bad, I ended up back in the e.r. again on monday. the dr. that day was horrible and very rude. he lifted my legs couple times said i had sciatica for whatever reason but said i did not warrant an xray. he sent me home with tramadol and diazepam. saying the first dr. should of given me a muscle relaxant. I took all the pills, did the ice, heat thing and still just kept on feeling very bad and lots of pain. I also was told to take it easy and rest during this which i did. During all this I scheduled an appt. with my dr. in the mean time one day i was walking into my kitchen and my left leg completely gave out no warning whatsover walking one minute and on the floor the next. I got right back up and it didn't seem numb or anything no different really but scared me for sure. My dr. sent me for a cat scan with contrast for my pelvis which i didnt quite understand, but the results did touch a bit on my back as well as other areas. the back result was: osseous structruces are remarkable for degenerative disc disease at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with mild broad-based posterior disc herniations at each of these 2 levels. My dr. didnt seem to think it explained my symptoms though. I started to see a chiropractor and ended up going a total of 9 times for adjustments. The only kind of relief I seem to get from the chiro was the groin pain has gone from constant to off/on many times throughout the day. To sum up the pain factor, i now have off/on groin pain, lower back pain constantly, constant buttocks pain mostly in the left but sometimes in the right. Occasional pain in my left thigh and left hamstring, sometimes also pain in the outer and inner part of my thigh, and pain behind and just below and around my knee, some pain/cramping in back of bottom of my leg and bottom of my feet pain. Over the past 2 days I have also been experiencing some pain in my pelvis and in and around my hips. This morning when I awoke the pain in my left hip was extremely bad. I finally got an mri last thursday and my dr. called me that night to say that they found an L4 disc protrusion which was covering a large area. I asked if it showed it maybe pressing on a nerve or something to explain the pain but said he didn't think so but is going to send me to a neurologist who will have a better understanding of the results. I am really curious what is going to happen at my neurology appt.? and what they might do for me. Under my dr. and chrio advice the past few weeks i have been trying to do more because laying around to much can also be bad. I got to tell you standing or sitting for any amount of time is very painful. Some days I just want to ball me eyes out. Even now as i write this my left hip and left knee are excrutiating, as well as very bad cramping feeling in my leg and feet. Also I really am not sure if this disc problem is all i have going on because I also have a lot of spasms and pains on my right side as well. unless that can happen i don't know? I am currently taking 20mg. of diazepam daily and between 300-400mg tramadol a day, sometimes it takes the edge off more than other times. I have tried very hard to stay away from the narcotics because I do not want to become just another statistic living hooked on narcotics the rest of my life. Any advice would sure be helpful. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone? It stinks to be in this much pain and the not knowing is very hard as well. I thank you for reading this, I know it is really long but didn't want to miss anything. Really lookin forward to any replies

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