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I have been suffering now for over a year with increasing pain in my right lower back and piriformis muscle, radiating as sciatica pain down into my right foot. Doctors have yet to determine the cause of my pain, and for 10 months I have been treated for piriformis syndrome and gone through PT, injections, massage therapy, and countless MRI's and other diagnostic tests without determing a cause. Despite all conservative measures usually used to treat this problem, my symptoms have increased to the point I have been in such pain I can no longer drive, go to work, etc. and am only 41 years old. My pain has moved into my low back, causing a feeling of pressure and burning into sacral area, and nerve pain that will shoot down both side of my legs into upper thighs. I cannot sit comfortably for any length of time and walking has been decreased to very short distances, despite being athletic my whole life. Doctors cannot determine the source of my pain, and seeking out specialists for piriformis syndrome is difficult. If anyone that has suffered this syndrome for any length of time could offer me their experiences to see if my symptoms match up or not, I would greatly appreciate it! I don't seem to follow a set pattern to make my diagnosis easily, and desperately want to get out of pain and back to life! Thanks to any who can respond!

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