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I am a 53 year old male and I have a twelve year old son. We live alone together. I have had a serious back problem for over 5 years now. I have finally got disability so I can take care of my son, but before all this started I was a very active person. I worked usually 6 days a week installing security systems and made great money. I worked in electronics for all my life starting in Cable TV and moving to ADT in the early part of the 90's.
That's not the big reason I wanted to write this though for sympathy. I really think that after reading all about what I have been diagnosed with, that I should have gotten better or something by now, and it is just the opposite, My pain is increasing monthly and I feel really weak. I want to get better so I can have a life again and I just don't know how to start trying. If anyone out there has had these symptoms and knows anything about it please let me know.

(1) constant pain in my lower back mainly on the right side. This pain increases if I do any kind of moving around.

(2) that pain radiates around and down my back left leg in a circular motion to the front and kind of stops around the knee.

(3) When my lower back pain gets bad it moves up my spine to my shoulder blades and I get a very strong burning sensation there across my whole back.

(4) At night my feet burn terribly in the arch and sometimes I get a stinging sensation as well. Or my arms go to sleep so badly that I can not even feel them at all.

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