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[QUOTE=teteri66;5099142]You are really very early in your recovery. I can't imagine going back to work two weeks post surgery. Seems to me, that is really pushing it. I know teachers who had to be out a minimum of three months. I imagine the whole issue is that your body is just not ready for such long days on your feet or sitting.

Swelling in the ankles, feet and lower legs is common after spine surgery. With the L3-L4 surgery, I can see how it would cause problems in the knee.

I would call your surgeon and discuss it with him/her.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much for the info, I was really worried about the swelling. My Surgeon was really adamant that I should be fine back at work during the two week mark, and I feel like I call them everyday with something new but I will ask about the swelling. I teach high school, so at least I am not chasing little kids around but I wasn't prepared for this kind of injury/pain. I think too it's sort of making me sit more and creating kind of a cycle of pain too because it's difficult to bend the knee, but My husband said he could wrap it tonight. Thanks again
Do you have any periods during the day where you could go lie down for a few minutes? it would be helpful if you could get off your feet, but sitting puts 30% more stress on the discs than lying down or it isn't a good idea to just sit down.

Your doctor gave you what I would consider the absolutely most optimistic time frame for someone who isn't working. Unfortunately, I know plenty of people who went back to work before the body was ready and ended up with more issues than they would have had otherwise. There is a danger of reherniating the disc.

I guess you can't alter the work schedule, but please go home after work and rest. Let everything else go so your back has a chance to recover. Otherwise, I'm afraid you will find yourself in pain come the New Year.

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