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I just need to vent before I explode. I got a phone call today to cancel my scheduled appt for tomorrow with my surgeon for my 2nd post op appt (I am 5 months post op double t-lift lumbar fusion of L4/L5 & L5/S1. I'm apx 50% better per my PT report and my discussions with my PT.
The reason my appt was being cancelled?: my dr has moved out of the state! She then said I could feel free to find another dr somewhere else or that they had a dr there. I said well, how soon can I see that dr, as I'm in the middle of recovery, so she said Dec 21st, so I took it. But I am SO ANGRY: I used to work for a Dr. myself: you know at least a month or so in advance if a dr is leaving a practice. And we would call all the patients and inform them, along with mailing them a letter and inform them, and give them a chance to come in and see the dr one final time. Here I am not told until 24 hours before my appt? I just got my xray done as well, and also my lawyer needs my current med records as he is trying to get my paychecks for me as I got hurt at work. I'm so frustrated! I did leave a message for my lawyer and I'm sure he will call me tomorrow.
I really, REALLY loved my surgeon, he did excellent work, and was supposed to fix my cervical next. I honestly cannot imagine having to trust anyone else to touch me surgically.

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