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This is my first post. I'm 53 years old, have been diagnosed with DDD, bulging discs and osteoarthritis. Was working in the back yard 5 weeks ago, pulling heavy vines out of trees and felt like I'd overdone it. Was sore the next day, but then day 2, I had to drive 4 hours to a work function and could not sit comfortably the entire time! My lower back/ tailbone area was killing me! I scoured through every left over pain med, muscle relaxer I could find in my drawers and thought I'd just strained it. After an additional 5 more days, I couldn't take it anymore and went to the doc.

she ordered an X-ray, which found moderate OA. She prescribed pain Meds and a round of steroids. I researched therapies and found that Yin Yoga would help. went to my first session, and started the stretching exercises. The next day I was miserable! So.. I kept trying Not to take the pain pills, and tried Aleve. It just wasn't helping.

It's now week 5 and I've just gotten home from a Lumbar MRI. I had a fatty cyst removed off my tailbone area 32 years ago, but no other injuries. Could this pain really just Osteoarthritis? Heat makes it worse. I live with an ice pack shoved in my pants. Hurts to lay flat on a flat surface, but can sleep on my back. Can't sit comfortably for long than a few minutes.

I guess I'm just depressed, because I can't find anything to help relieve the pain.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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