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Hi i am getting desperate in trying to find an answer to whats going in with me. I started waking up with numbness an tingling feeling in my arms an hands back in june. It comes an goes then about same time having my biceps aching an feeling like its alot to lift a glass of water. Then started having numbness in left foot two small toes. On the left side of leg once in awhile i will get what feels like a shiver. Now i went to my primary first when all this started an he ordered brain an cervical mris. He referred me to neurosurgeon an neurologist an spine dr. The neurologist ruled out ms an ordered more blood work. Neurosurgeon said have herneiated c56 an many bone spurs an i can see on the mri where there is pressure on spinal canal. Over 7 years ago i was diagnosed with ddd on lower back also with spurs but have not had current xray or mri. Also this year had cat scan right knee due to pain an they said arthritis. I am at a loss as to why all these oains are increasing it seems. Can these problems cause all this. Also i have dizzyness at times. Feel like i am falling apart. Im 48 yr old female no spine surgeries as of yet an hopingnot. Also this past Monday had elctrical emg i think done on arms not sure what that report says yet he jus said no carpal tunnel. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks tami

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