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I was just wondering if anyone has dealt with a case of piriformis syndrome where it caused sciatica, numbness, but not a whole lot of pain. Actually, the only time it really feels painful is in my right leg during long car rides. That's when it hurts the most. I have numbness from my thighs down to my feet. Has anyone experienced this with piriformis syndrome? Predominately, numbness and nothing else.
[QUOTE=teteri66;5108732]Often people with piriformis issues will complain of pain in the "hip" when walking.

What makes you think these symptoms are piriformis syndrome rather than a compressed lower lumbar or sciatic nerve?[/QUOTE]

I understand where you're coming from and that's exactly what I thought too at first and I fought really hard to get my doctor to give me a lumbar spine MRI, but then in the end it came back completely normal and there was absolutely no explanation for the numbness in my legs. I've had MRIs done for my entire spine for my cervical to my lumbar and one for my brain, which all came back normal. I also had a spinal tap done, which came back entirely normal. All my blood tests came back normal.

Now , there are a couple reasons as for why I think it's piriformis syndrome and not something else. I really used to work out my legs...HARD and I could totally have seen me injuring myself in this way because I used to run almost 12 miles a week give or take. The numbness also primarily seems to effect my thighs. Running or walking also makes it worse to the point where it hurts to walk. I had trouble walking up the stairs when it was at it's worst. My leg also hurts very badly when I sit for long periods of time in a car and it feels like it's coming from somewhere deep within the muscles of my thigh.

I also had another theory regarding this and it deals with why clothing bothers me. It seems the more the clothing rests in the area where this muscle is located the worse I tend to feel and the quicker I tend to experience numbness. There is also the fact that stretching out this particular muscle has brought me great relief. I wasn't able to feel my toes before, but now since I've started stretching I can and where I couldn't feel anything before I was getting a tingling sensation.

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