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Hello Everyone,

I was diagnosed with Moderate to Severe Central Canal Stenosis about 2 years ago and have not yet been able to see a specialist here in Canada. I adjusted my life considerably in order to cope and had been getting by until about three months ago, when my condition seemed to take a step function down, leaving me virtually disabled and unable to work. I cannot walk more than 20 metres, sit for more than a minute or two, or sleep for more than an hour. I am a 42 year old father of three young children.

I am seriously considering arranging to see a specialist regarding surgery in the US, but would like some insights into the viability of surgery as a remedy. For my family this would be very expensive (several thousand dollars for the visit, and perhaps $50k or more for the surgery).

My two year old MRI results read as follows:

When counting from the top of the vertebral column, the patient is seen to have a transitional lubosacral segment in that there is partial lumbarization of S1.

The vertebral bodies are in a good alignment. The visualized distal spinal cord and conus are normal.

L4-5 level demonstrates mild facet and ligamentum degenerative change.

The L4-S1 level demonstrates that there are congenitally short pedicles at this level. THis is resulting in a congenitally narrow AP canal diameter. There is a posterior disc protrusion. There is mild to moderate fac and ligamentum flavum degenerative change and hypertrophy. There is resulting moderate to severe central canal stenosis.

I am quite desparate to find a solution of sorts, but we are not wealthy and so cannot afford to seek professional advice from a number of sources, or advice to the effect that there is nothing that can be done.

Any insights that any of you might have would be very much appreciated.

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