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Here are my thoughts. First of all I have had spine issues since 1988. Since that time I have been thru the following spine surgeries:

-- 1994 lumbar surgery for herniated discs;
-- 1995 cervical surgery for stenosis;
-- 1997 lumbar surgery for "flatback syndrome" which required Harrington Rods;
-- 2000 cervical surgery for "kyphosis" which required Harrington Rods from C3 to T4
-- 2006 Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted for pain control;
-- 2011 spinal cord stimulator removed wasnt helping me any longer;
-- 2012 "Trial" Intrathecal Pain Pump for pain relief;
-- 2013 This Friday permanent implant of Intrathecal for pain control.

One thing I learned over the years, first I never thought I would have this extent of back issues.

But just a recommendation, it is a good idea to have (1.) the MRI films for your records; & (2.) A copy of the radiologists report.

I recommend this in the event that you seek other opinions this way who ever you see they can view the MRI/CT films themselves and also see what the radiologist wrote in the report.

I have almost ALL of the reports/films.

I think you need to clarify with the neurosurgeon as to what the issue is causing your pain and if surgery is NOT being recommended then what course of treatment does he feel is warranted. Does he recommend pain medication/anti-inflammatories. Does he recommend any physical therapy? You need to address the issues and what the appropriate treatment is for you.

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