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Re: Disc Problems
Jan 12, 2013

First of all welcome to the board. You will find most people on the board have had on going back problems for years and certainly will understand what you are going thru physically and emotionally.

Just a little something about me.....

--- 1994 lumbar surgery for herniated discs;
--- 1995 cervical surgery for stenosis;
--- 1997 lumbar surgery with Harrington Rods implanted;
--- 2000 cervical surgery for kyposis with Harrington Rods & fusions;
--- 2006 Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted for pain control;
--- 2011 Spinal Cord Stimulator removed; not working for me;
--- 2012 Intrathecal Pain Pump (morphine) trial to see if helped me;
--- 2013 YESTERDAY 1/11/13 permanent implant done for morphine

I have other heath conditions such as diabetes; congenital absent left kidney; kidney disease of the right kidney.

I have permanent nerve damage in my cervical and lumbar spine; arthritis; periperhal neuropathy. Numbness in my legs; pin and needles feeling. Weakness in my arms; radiating pain into shoulder area; stenosis; myelomalacia which is softening of the cervical spine due to lack of blood supply; focal cord atrophy in cervical area; severe loss of disc height in neck area. The list goes on and on.

As to other people understanding the pain you are in. I find very few people truly understand. I've had this conversation with several people. It gets to the point that I've given up on talking to people because they don't understand. They say they do but I don't believe it. I see the blank expressions on their faces. So at times when I don't feel like talking about it I say I am fine. Why bother talkiing when no one listens.

As to the epidural injections. Its been a long time since I've been thru the Epidural Steroid Injections. I can't remember how many I've been thru, but several at least.

I was always told that it is normal to go thru 3 injections at a time for help. I would go thru the 1st injection and found that I had minimal relief and would last only several days. The 2nd injection would be done and I found I did NOT get any relief whatsoever. So we never got to the 3rd injections. We, meaning the doctor and I didn't see the need to continue.

For me personally it did NOT work, so I have given up on trying them. They have been recommended and I refust to go thru them.

But, while it did not work for me, there have been people I know or heard from and they felt it did help them after the injections. You never know what will work for one person and not work on the next person.

There is no harm in trying it and see what it does for you. Then you decide what is best for you. They either work or they don't.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

One thing I would recommend is that you should really be treating with an orthopedic or neurosurgeon that is trained and works routinely in their practice with doctors trained in "spine" related issues. I tend to check out the doctors before hand as to where they went to school; where they did their internship and prefer to go with someone that is affiliated with major teaching hospitals. Too many people seem to treat with their primary doctors. Not what I would personally recommend.

Also concervative treatment meaning try medications & "
"physical therapy" at a rehab facility for help. When all else fails then the subject of surgery should be discussed. Any discussion of surgery before that should really be explained by your doctor as to why surgery is needed and when it is needed. Surgery on the spine does hold its risks.

Hope to hear back from you as to how you are doing.
Re: Disc Problems
Jan 17, 2013
I have been thru epidural steroid injections several times over the years. It's been a long time though. For me personally I do not put a lot of faith nto them. They never really did much good.

I would go thru one injection and would get some relief after the first one for several days. So we would proceed to the 2nd injection. After the 2nd injection, I had NO relief whatsoever. The doctor and I felt that sinice I had limited success followed by NO success, there was no sense in doing the 3 rd injection.

BUT I have known or heard of people that have had success with the injections. You never know when or who they will work for. I say give it a shot and if after several attempts and you find a pattern that it either does or doesnt work for you, then you will have your answer as to what works for you.

Good luck!!!

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