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[QUOTE=teteri66;5121452]Welcome to the board.

My primary suggestion to you would be to not walk too far or exercise too much. You want to avoid causing the sciatic nerve to flare as once it gets inflamed, it can be difficult to get it back and to stop hurting. [/QUOTE]
Thank you both so much for your input. We are so fortunate to have the resources of BB's that allow us to share our experiences. I believe that you are both exactly correct. I walked a little farther than normal yesterday, and I did a third walk 1 hour after the second because it was late in the day. It makes sense that I inflamed my sciatic nerve yesterday. I didn't think of it that way until now. I took an anti-inflammatory today. I also had to take a pain killer last night and again today, which I haven't had to do in several days. I tried to do a very short walk today, just down the driveway and was going to try to go the distance of one mailbox (80 feet ) It hurt right away so I stopped and came back in the house. I will rest today, and shorten my distances on future walks. I am worried about scar tissue, but the NS asst. says that it is related to personal traits and not exercise. Does anyone have advice on reducing scar tissue? For the mean time, I will reduce walking distances and sitting durations. My Dr doesn't allow PT for at least 4 weeks, maybe more.
I thank you guys so much for your help, it means the world to me.
GMAC, can I ask why you had so many laminectomies?
Thank you, I'm off to lay down and rest.
I a so thankful you guys are here.

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