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I'm pretty sure I had the fibro since I was a kid around 10 or so I was always getting strep getting sick. Remember getting my mom to take me to the dr because my legs ached so much. Then around 18 tried to. Snow ski but the boots killed my shins. Tender tender. Then I was in a motorcycle wreck in 74 and I think that caused me to have the back issues, sciatica too. Have had 3 foot surgeries both rotator cuffs even an anal fissure repair. Darn fibro really makes everything go wrong it seems.

The Opana helps with all over pain too plus I take topomax that helps a lot. Don't sleep too well that is one of my major problems.

I also have hypothyroidism and secondary Addison's where my adrenal glands don't work but take a form of steroid (puts on weight)everyday.

I get migraines too the topomax helps with those some.

Right now I'm getting over a bad reaction to cipro caused severe rib pain weakened my ankles so I fell and twisted one of those. You're not supposed to take cipro and hydrocortisone together (the one I take for Addison's) but neither the dr nor pharmacist caught it.

Ok blabbered enough! Cathy

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