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Hi Michael,

Please don't be discouraged about your recovery as you are only 9 days post surgery. I had L5/S1 micordisectomy in Oct 2010 and felt better after surgery. Prior to surgery I had back of left leg/foot numbness for almost a year. I was not feeling good for a few months and numbness was better but not gone. But I did things too soon and within a year I had rehernitated same disc and it was much worse than the first time. The 2nd time the pain was much worse. Numbness got worse and had shooting pain down left leg. Had 2nd microdisectomy in Feb 2012. Was much more careful this time. Also started PT about 4 months after surgery. (Dr had not had me do PT after 1st surgery).
I know meds can really suck as I hated taking the narcotics also but sometimes you need to take them. I was glad to get off them and now take Aleve in the morning and Advil PM at night. I still have partial leg numbness and I know this might be permanent but it can take nerves years to recover. There is so much unknown about the bodies nerves. Also have discomfort when sleeping and getting up in morning is not a picnic. I do stretches every morning before I even get out of bed to help loosen up.

I also get muscle spasms & cramps in left calf. Make sure on next blood work your levels for potassium & magnesium are not to low as this can sometimes cause leg cramps. But I believe most of my leg spasm are nerve related.

Slow walking in short periods of times 5-10 minutes is how I started recovery for the first few weeks after surgery. Don't walk too long as this can actually cause inflammation & pain. Remember even if the scar is healing inside healing takes a lot longer. Every patients recovery is different.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

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