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If the surgeon had to remove pieces of the disc, the disc had fragmented, which doesn't happen in many instances. It may be that when this happened, a fragment hit the nerve. It may even have severed a small portion of the fibers of the nerve, or it may be a matter of inflammation.

Nerves can and do grow back and regain function. They are just notoriously slow in doing so. Also, they are one part of the body that still remains unpredictable and that doctors still don't know all that much about...doctors cannot tell if a nerve will regenerate and if so, how long it will take.

I can tell you from experience that I had sciatic pain for about six years which two surgeries did not resolve. 18 months later I had a third surgery and four days later the pain lifted. I will probably always have some numbness in my toes and feet, but I have no pain...and I had been told it would be permanent damage.

Do you feel the muscles are weak or will they not respond when you try to more your foot in different directions? For example, when you are sitting down, can you move your foot to point and flex or make an ankle circle?

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