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[QUOTE=teteri66;5128257]I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you referring to nerve pain or how long it takes a nerve that was compressed for some time to recover, or are you talking about recovering from the surgical pain?

For example, with my last surgery which was a 3 level posterior fusion, my sciatic pain magically vanished on the 4th day post surgery. It took me a good eighteen months to recover...mainly because we took rehab at a snail's pace.[/QUOTE]

In my case, The sciatic symptoms down the leg disappeared right after surgery, so I knew surgery had solved that problem, at least.

Unless I limit my activities, i.e., no tennis or prolonged treadmill walking, I still get some pain in the lower back where I had the cyst removed from the facet joint because it was pressing on the L5 nerve root.

I would think total healing where the cyst was may take awhile, since it was very adherent to the dura and it took them a long time to remove it.
I will be 8 weeks postop tomorrow. I had a synovial cyst removed that had been there for awhile. I've also had some other lower back pain for 6 years that could be related either to that facet joint or something else going on. Nothing big shows up on the MRI other than typical normal aging.

6 weeks after surgery, I tried playing tennis just with a ball machine, not really running and not too much twisting. But I think the movement of the back and all the dancing around with little steps were still a bit stressful on it. Anyway, I got away with doing that without pain 4 times in two weeks and then my back pain flared up, so now I've been scared off of tennis totally. As Teteri said, I will probably give it 6 months before I try again, and back off if there's pain. Being able to walk when I'm older is more important than playing tennis now.

Anyway, I feel fortunate that I can use an exercise bike for exercise without pain, use gym equipment, drive, etc. Not sure if the treadmill is good or bad; I would not use it for more than 20 minutes. Stairmaster for 20 minutes or so may be another option for exercise, as the legs move up and down to some degree, but not forward.

Gmak, what did you have done surgically, and how long did it take you to feel at your best?

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