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I'v posted about 5 weeks ago I'm 49. L4 -S1 open discectomy. This was after about 9 months SERIOUS PAIN, different injections and weeks of physical therapy. Before surgery I did get a couple different opinions -Ortho and Nuro surgeons -They pretty much said the same thing bad genetics and a lot of wear and tear (Weight lifter younger days, Contract builder for the past 22 years). Very very simply put multi level spondylosis with canal stenosis,Disc extrusion at L4-5 L5-S1 (my mri scares me). My choices do nothing and deal with till you can't, multi level fusion or discectomy to clean up herniation and give me some pain releif with better use of my left leg and foot. I happy to report I have less pain and numbness in my left leg (don't limp or trip as much anymore). I was still a bit dazed at my my two week post op doctors appointment so I didn't get all the answers I should of. I want my surgery Notes. I remember when the doctor came to see me while I was still in the hospital he said the extrusion would not have healed on it's own and what he removed was hard?? I Still have a GREAT deal of pain center lower back and buttoxs also I'm developing siatica down my right leg?? I've had back pain as long as I could remember, never really held me back like this till this last time. Now knowing what I know I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Doctor told me before surgery this is the start of a perminate relationship. I WANT MY LIFE BACK....................
I read this board every day letting me know I'm not alone and the ways to deal with this.
Sorry for being a baby but I need to vent a little bit
I see the doctor again on the 25th.

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