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Hello Everyone ...I am new to this board but not to pain long story short I have had this before job requires me to sit at a computer all day and this is what I have been doing since I was in my 20's I am now 40 yrs..
So Friday night I felt pain and ache in upper back lft side but right side to not as much more on lft side ...the only thing I can think of that I did differently is I stretched to put some files away and I typed longer than usual without a break ...maybe bad posture ...well this lasted on and off and I still have it last night I went to a walk in clinic doc said it was muscle and that it happens a lot to ppl who work on computers...but I just find that odd that after all this time now it is happening ..he also asked if I slept on 2 pillows and I said yes he said that can contribute to it I also suffer from panic attacks so you can just imagine me thinking what the heck is this ...
In the last few months I have had the following tests done


So any suggestions he said that if it didnt go away to go see my family dr which I have an appt with on Monday but in the mean time any suggestions as to what this can be and how to handle it.
I would locate a good book or CD or something online that shows a comprehensive programs for stretching...and I would start doing them faithfully. It should have the added benefit of improving your posture.

Another option would be to locate someone who does bodywork, and get some help with your posture and tips on stretching.

Everything in the spine is interrelated. When one part is thrown off, it has an effect on other areas. The body naturally strives to remain in balance. When something goes off, opposite muscle groups work harder to try to compensate.

Good structural alignment begins with the feet and works its way up. If the "foundation" is off, there will be misalignment the rest of the way up, causing rotation in the pelvis, change in the curves of the spine, rounding of the shoulders, carrying the head too far forward, etc. Try to find someone to help you before your spine gets too much more out of alignment.

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