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Dr Dad seems on board with the "keep on keepin' on" idea. But he's SUCH at eternal optimist that sometimes it is hard to know when it is just his being and when it is medical. He's always kinda said he thought it would just get better....which isn't always helpful. He hadn't heard of this type of response, but he also didn't know a ton about recovery speed etc

The newer doc (a fairly well known surgeon....also a neuro but very spine focused, esp revisions and tough cases) kinda upset me since I got the sense he didn't really believe me. In my appt (in late Nov, when he had only the Sept xray w/ no growth and said it was a pretty unique film), he'd said I didn't "look" like someone in that much pain. He said they don't make eye contact as wel as I did. Then he said I was on too much medicine....I told him I've gone off it and been unable to do anything beyond stare at the ceiling and that I would LOVE nothing more than to NOT be on pain medicine.
He seemed okay with the meds since I HAD gone off them for a bit. But he still seemed to think I couldn't be in as much pain as I reported.

Pain Shrink looked when I told him....he said he'd never say that to any woman with my endo history before the back stuff (it made me recall the fact that I didn't report the endo pain until I passed out at work...and having gotten through meetings and then gone to lie in the fetal position on my floor). He agreed it was rude. And today he recalled that talk and agreed the doc seemed to want to dump me with his statement I was fully fused when my dad and original doc disagreed.

I'm rambly again. Anyway, good riddance to him and I'll try to focus on those who KNOW ME (Pain Shrink, GP) and trust me and can SEE the impact of the pain (GP still notes I never looked as bad as the first time I came in when I had been med-free for a few weeks and had the pain doc sent me to the GP for meds). Given that it is kinda going to be about managing the pain for the next months, I may start back at looking into accupuncture. A physiatrist mentioned it but held off b/c of some unrelated issues....that guy kept taking the appt co-pays and just saying "wear the brace" so I stopped going. I see GP late March so may ask him them.

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