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Re: Sciatica help
Mar 10, 2013
[QUOTE=gmak;5144679]Dear Chrissy, Im so sorry that this has happened & you are in pain. First, the position of comfort & other symptoms remind me of when i had a herniated disc @ L4- S1. How old is your MRI? If over a year old or if there is a chance that you have injured or reinjured yourself, chopping wood sounds like it could cause an injury when just coughing or sneezing can cause a disc rupture, in my opinion & because these symptoms could indicate nerve compression & for pain relief i think that if its persisting even after resting that you need to see the spine dr, either neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon that specializes in backs only for diagnosis & treatment. If i were you i would avoid the dr who diagnosed hypochondria. Many times a PCP can do exam, order testing & give anti inflammatories & muscle relaxers, order PT etc & if mecessary after reviewing MRI can refer you to a spine specialist. Meanwhile, hot soaking tub baths, ice packs,& rest help me until i can get to the dr but if i were you i would make an appt.. i hope that you have someone to help you & it heals on its own. Keep us posted, we will be here if you need a listening ear! And, Welcome to healthboards![/QUOTE]
Thank you for responding, gmak :). My Xray (thats what it was ins wouldnt pay for MRI) is about 3 years old. I was referred to a neuro doc but he was a butthead. All he said was "You need to lose weight". So I went on a diet & lost 45 lbs so far. It doesnt seem to help this back pain. Sometimes it gets so bad I almost get sick. Ive been to the ER over it before but here in Ky they pretty much banned pain meds. I am salicylate allergic so the best pills (NSAIDS) are not an option. Im on Celexa 20mgs for PTSD so Tramadol is not an option. They dont even give me Flexeril. Its so frustrating. The doc who said I was hypochondriac was my psychiatrist. He said all hypochondria is is excessive worry. Ive been running around like a crazy person thinking I had a blood clot for 2 months. Even though I dont have any risk factors (except smoking about 8-10 cigarettes a day). Ive been tested for different gene mutations that would cause blood clotting disorders (Factor 5 Liedens runs in my fam) but they were all neg. So, I know its my sciatic nerve. & I think youre right. My discs may have gotten worse. Because I have been noticing alot of weakness in my legs & arms (DDD also advanced in Cervical along with 2 bone spurs and reversed lordosis). I hate this :( Im only 32. But I feel 80. My GP said I could end up in a chair before I 40. I didnt believe her then but Im starting to. Ive been havin numbness in my calf and back thigh too. My husband was massaging my butt muscle & when he hit a certain spot, my whole leg started burning & tingling. Ugh...smh. Its just stressful.

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