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Wow, I can't believe it has almost been a year since I started my journey to diagnose my back/body pain. Since my last post, I've had a cervical and pelvic MRI. The cervical MRI revealed what my doctor called "arthritis" and I'll post the findings below. She referred me to a rheumatologist who basically suggested fibromyalgia without thoroughly evaluating me, unless typing on the computer while I talk about my pain is considered thorough. She did some blood tests and never got back to me. I called for them and was told to retake some tests over a month later. I did the labs and was cleared of rheumatic diseases but told to keep an eye on my WBC. Okaaaaaaaay.

I eventually gave up as I was moving to complete my internship after having to quit the last one due to my back pain. I basically put the pain on the back burner as my pelvic MRI showed another problem I needed to deal with and had surgery for in January (fibroids). Since September, my back pain hasn't been a major focus except the occasional paralyzing spasms, which I maybe had 2 of in the past 6 months, so that's good. However the balls of my feet have gotten worse, I now have right shoulder pain, and I have trouble opening my hands in the morning. I saw another doctor in December for a physical. Blood work turned out okay except for I noticed my SED rate was 9 points higher than normal for my age. The doctor never called me about it though. After leaving the room to take a personal call on her cell phone, she returned, typed as I talked, and told me to revisit the issue after my surgery.

Anyone have any input?

MRI results:


There is straightening of the normal cervical lordosis with mild

reversal at the C4-5 level. Vertebral body heights are normal.

Overall bone marrow is normal in signal without evidence of fracture

or significant marrow replacing lesion.

There is suggestion of mild disk desiccation at all levels.

The spinal cord demonstrates normal course, caliber and signal. The

craniocervical junction appears unremarkable. The signal flow voids

of the vertebral arteries are identified and appear unremarkable.

There are mild diffuse disk bulges from C3-4 to C6-7. There is no

significant central canal or neuroforamina stenosis.

No definite paravertebral soft tissue masses are identified.


Straightening of the normal cervical lordosis with mild reversal at

the C4-5 level. There is mild degenerative disease of the cervical

spine as above.

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