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Hello Cali-
I find myself in the same position right now as you do. I've had back pain for years but have been able to control with Meloxicam until a few years ago I started having pain in my buttock. On and off. Then pain and sparklers started going off in my lower leg and foot. Now my hip seems to be weaker and if I lie on my side the hip goes completely numb. So I have finally gone to a spine specialist and got an updated MRI. Severe DDD, moderate to severe stenosis at L4-L5 and grade 1 spondy. But my back does not really bother me. Just my butt and leg. Tried a chiropractor and it didn't help. PT found that my piriformis muscle was very tender. So my pain is in the hip,butt and knee on down. But not my back much at all? So a couple of weeks ago I did get an epidural shot to the back. The first 5 days were worse and now its settled down to the pain and tingles just like I had before I got the shots. So I'm going to try one more shot to the back this week again. If it doesn't help than I'm not sure what we'll do next. Very discouraging. I want to get a shot to the piriformis too. To me by the location of pain it is the piriformis muscle and below the knee. I'm having alot of trouble wrapping my head around the idea that this is all back related. But things are slowly getting worse and I can't ignore it anymore. Good luck to you.

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