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I have been thru steroid injections several times over the years. I treated with various doctors as well and as a general rule it was let's try a round of 3 epidural injections.

As to how they work, first keep in mind that what works for one person doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for the next. I can only give you my experiences.

After the 1st injection I usually found some relief but it was usually short lived. Several days, week at the most. So we opted for the 2nd injection. But with the 2nd injection found that I didn't have any relief whatsoever from the injection. So since the 1st injection was so short lived & since the 2nd one didn't work at all, it was felt that injections were not the option for me. So I stopped. And I got the same results pretty much the same with each round of injections.

But yet I have heard that some people rave about the help they got from the injections.

My belief is "conservative" treatment. Meaning try physical therapy; medication to relieve the pain and the inflammation. Surgery should be the choice of last treatment. So rule out what works for you and what doesnt work for you.

Surgery yes can be scary and yes as with any surgery there are risks. But there are risks/side effects from medication as well.

If it ends up with surgery, then make sure you get someone that is a specialist in "spine" related issues. Either a Neuro or Orthopedic Surgeon. I usually, and this is just my preference, I tend to try to find a doctor that is affiliated with a major teaching hospital.

Whatever doctor you pick for treatment, they should be able to communicate with you as to what your concerns are; explain the benefits vs. the risks of any treatment and which he feels is the best for you. Just remember that there is NO guarenteed outcome on any medical treatment. The doctor can only give you an educated guess and advise you how to proceed.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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