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Re: EMG Report
Mar 25, 2013
Both reports from 2006 and 2010 were done by the same doctor. Since I have copies of the reports I usually bring copies of all reports to me so she wont have to fumble thru the file looking for the reports

I think any test is only as good as who does the test and who interprets the reports as well.
Its like when I went for the MRI last week, when I spoke to the doctors office that ordered the films. I told the office which facilities were on my plan. And I was told well the doctor doesnt like this facility because the films as to quality arent the best or they would say the doctors dont like the other doctors at the facility for some reason.

I think the doctor that is doing the EMG is good. She is at a major teaching hospital in Philadelphia and has been considered a top doctor but can't remember what year(s).

Also when I see her I will have the MRI films with me. Both from Decemboer of 2013 and March 2013 so she can see whats on the films and in their reports. A good tool for her to use in coming up with some type of diagnosis.

As to the MRI machine, I figured that there would be a generator as a backup. I too try to keep my mind busy. Sometimes I will have my eyes closed as I go into the machine. But find it tough to keep them closed the whole time. I do try to think of things that will keep my mind busy. Like I love the California coast line. I will try to picture myself there and it usually helps relax me. But the longer that I am in the machine thats when I tend to get restless. I think like most people they dont like that closed in feeling. And the 2nd MRI that went thru back in 1989 I was in the machine for 1 1/2 hours and since that time it bothers me.

And yes I do get out to my religious classes so that is a good diversion for me as well.
Re: EMG Report
Mar 28, 2013

I have been thru probably 5 EMG's over the years I guess. As to where they place the needles it depends on what areas they are testing. For example if it is the neck (cervical) area then it would be in your upper body/arm area.
And in the legs if they are looking into the low back (lumbar) area.

As far as I know NO the needle does not go into the spinal canal at all. It attempts to determine how the nerves and the muscles in a particular area are responding.

As to what it can show I can only tell you from experience as to what my diagnosis is. It's like they were able to determine that I had nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy in my extremities and that I had arthritis as well.

I am sure if you google EMG you can get more details on what the EMG's are utilized for in the way of a diagnosis.

For me, it was painful at times. I am not sure the length of the needles. I was always lying down when the needles were inserted.


I agree you need to keep copies of all records for your own personal file and in the event you seek other medical attention you can bring those records with you. But its funny I had this conversation with my niece this week about keeping records. Her doctor keeps all the MRI films and reports. I was surprised that the doctor would keep the MRI films, now adays they tend to return it to the patient. She didn't understand the need for keeping her own records.

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