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Update: Got xray results and discussed with doctor yesterday. He mentioned both Lumbar spondylosis and stenosis at L5. He basically said its a chronic condition that can be irritated by things he does. For example, we made a 3 hour trip Saturday in the car, drove back Sunday. Since then the pain has been worse. Prolonged sitting causes the back pain to worsen, and prolonged activity causes his leg to worsen. He said that if he had insurance the next step would be to send him to ortho for better evaluation and a shot in the back for the pain. But because he doesn't have insurance that would be incredibly expensive; he said physical therapy could help but is also expensive, recommended trying chiropractor first because it is the cheapest. Also said it is likely to worsen over time and without insurance most things that could help will cost too much. The last fees days my husband could barely walk and it sucks that there aren't many options because of the insurance issue! Even if we were to pay for private insurance none of the ones we can find will cover preexisting conditions. Anyone else have similar diagnosis and if so what helped you most? We have a 17 month old son and another due in a month. It's very hard for me being huge pregnant without much help from my husband because he is in constant pain.

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