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Hi there

I'm fairly new to the boards! I was hoping for a little feedback from others living with Scheuermann's Kyphosis, especially in terms of associated chronic pain. I was put on valium on-and-off for muscle spasms in my upper back when I was 12yrs old. It was only when my GP was carrying out a physical exam when I was 20, that he told me that I had curvature of the spine, so I was referred to ortho specialist - had x-rays - long story short, diagnosed with Scheuermann's disease - 5 wedged vertebrae in thoracic spine, with slight scoliosis in lumbar area. It was classed as "mild" at the time - too late for bracing etc. Given exercises and pain relief meds as needed - also sent to physio to have my hamstrings stretched out and my spinal muscles manipulated to improve range of motion. I was very slight (thin), but still suffered with severe pain all over my body. As I've aged, got married, had children, my aches and pains have gotten severely worse, and my back is so painful, I can only cope with limited physical exercise. Needless to say, I've put on weight! I developed Occipital Neuralgia over a year ago, for which I've had facet-joint nerve block procedure to alleviate the pain. Degenerative Disc Disease in C-Spine was all that showed on the MRI. I had a brain MRI also, as my debilitating symptoms were so bad, with parasthesia, muscle weakness and radiating nerve pain, that I thought I had MS or Lupus or a similar disease. Came up negative for these.

I'm off to a Rheumatologist next to determine if I have an issue with my joints, or Fibromyalgia! My lower back at the moment is so stiff, it locks up - I wake up in the morning like I've been in a car crash - my whole body hurts - sometimes waking me during my sleep. I often wake at night to find I'm in extreme pain and my limbs are often numb! It hurts to even turnover in bed. I have a popping sound in my lower back on-and-off (with no pain) and I have dull aching pain in my buttocks and radiating into my legs, sometimes shooting nerve pain - often happens if I do housework such as hoovering or ironing - have to sit down because the pain causes me to feel my lower back and legs are so weak, that they might go from under me. I have pain in my right shoulder also, constant knotted muscles, costachondritis and cramping of the ribcage and sensitivity of my sternum when touched. I have hypermobile joints, flat feet (so much pain in my feet). Sorry for the endless list of ailments, but I'm only just turning 40 soon and I feel 80!!!!

I'm fed up of reading about Scheuermanns disease only causing pain while you are growing and a pre-conception among medical professionals that "pain goes away" - this is just not the case!!! I'm crippled! Have hypertension (on meds for this), and had my gallbladder out, have IBS also, and I am limited in what meds I can take (can't tolerate codeine). I'm convinced all these conditions are linked to the Scheuermann's disease.

I'm back to the pain management specialist this week for review of my neck and further nerve block plans, but at the minute, my back and legs are really bad - will discuss further with him. Should I be asking for x-rays/Mri of my spine also? Haven't had a review of my Scheuermann's in 20yrs!

Any of you Scheuermann's sufferers have any of these symptoms? I'm considered too "mild" for surgery (Ireland not on the forefront of cutting-edge science and treatments anyway), so that will probably not be an option for me. Just feeling so miserable, and embarrassed about my constant aches and pains - just wanted to share!!!

Thanks for reading!:)

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