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He is an ortho spine surgeon. I don't have a pcp. I just turned 27 a couple days ago and was fairly healthy before the accident. After the accident I went to the hospital and was seen a few times at an urgent care that also does pcps. They referred me to the ortho.

Almost immediately after the accident I had pressure in my low back. We went to the hospital. As each hour passed more and more pressure continued to build until it was almost unbearable. For the first 2 weeks it was only severe low back pain. A couple weeks after the accident I started having pain in my left leg. Intially it was just in my hips and butt then it moved to my thighs, into my knee) calves, ankles, and feet. The leg pain got worse and the back pain got a little bit better.

Now my main complaint is the leg and hip pain. There is always some level of pain there. If I stand for more then 5-10 minutes my leg starts hurting so much it almost goes numb and I can't bear any weight on it. If I walk for more then a couple of minutes there will be like stabbing lightning bolts of pain in my butt down my thigh and into my calf. If I sit up pressure builds in my back and my leg will start feeling very achy. Sometimes my left foot and calf will feel tingley like it is falling asleep, but it always happens at times when it shouldn't, like if I am walking. Somedays it feels almost like my hip is not connected right like the bones are grinding against eachother. The only way I can get some relief is if I lay down (or recline) and put a pillow under my left leg. When I sleep there is no way that is very comfortable, sleeping on my back with a pillow under my leg is the best and sleeping on my left side is the worst. The pain has majority been on the left side but there have been a few times where the leg and butt pain has moved to the right side as well.

At the doctors today he said both sides of my back were spasming in 2 different places, when normally its only one spot on the left. Seems like I am getting worse and not better. The doctor even remarked that I was worse then last time. I have been doing PT 2x a week for the past 4 months but I cancelled my appointments today until I see the neuro and see what he thinks.

Other then the episode where I think they aggravated the inflamation this past week, a couple weeks ago they burned me pretty badly with the ultra sound machine. I have been on the meds since the accident and it seems like I have to take more (I don't think its tolerance build up because the inflammation is so bad right now.)

The ortho wont refill anymore rx's for me says I need to see a PCP. Other then that stuff I have used hot and cold packs, a tens unit, I have been on high dosage steroids. The steroids did nothing but make me feel crazy for a little while, everything else provides little relief for a short period of time. I find when the pain is bad a long hot shower does help some. Right now it seems like the meds just take the edge away, it just takes my tears away, but not the pain. I have had 2 mri's now, an EMG (in which the doctor perfoming the test thought that it was piriformis syndrome. My PT did some exercises for that and I couldn't move for 3 days the pain was so excruciating.) They all agree the leg pain is sciatica. My PT thinks it might be my SI joint that is causing the issue, the ortho said maybe. Again the PT did some exercises. Those neither helped or made me feel better.

I think I have covered everything lol. If I missed anything or you have any other questions let me know. My brain is kind of fuzzy these days lol (think its from all the meds I am taking).

Thanks for taking the time to read everything I appreciate it :)

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