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nochange - I cant believe your doctor thinks its just muscle pain. Im sorry but 8 years, it has to be from the bulging disc. The doctor told me that my bulges were "nothing" when I asked. Hmm... doesn't feel like "nothing" to me. I cant lay on my neck, horrible pain neck shoulders and between shoulder blades, not to mention muscle spasms and nerve pain but I guess its 'nothing". Maybe Im feeling pain from the straightening of lordosis too? I dont know. All I know is im ready for it to go away!!!
dustytrail - I cant even imagine the pain you must feel. I thought it was very rare to have herniated disc in the t-spine. You must of had a bad accident. Im so sorry. YEs, Im frustrated in the care Ive been receiveing, all they want to do is pull out there perscription pads and write out meds. They dont care to figure it out for me. I had several doctors scare me to death and told me "ms" but after my mri was clear plus my dad is a Eye Doctor so I know my eyes are fine (ms usually causes problems with you optic nerves) so I dont think I have ms. They keep telling me "its not your back, its either MS or fibromyalgia. Im SOOO sick of that diag. I could just scream!! Im sorry but fibromyalgia doesn't happen overnight and its not positional/mechanical meaning If I sit long enough my legs will hurt/twitch if I lay on my neck and back I will burn/ twitch etc... THe last doctor spent 5 mintues with me didn't look at my mri just said he would make copies and said it had nothing to do with my back and I needed to see a doctor who liked to figure out weird stuff, walked me out to the receptionist, my cousin and said "You and your crazy familY" i was so upset. Anyways dustytrail I feel like Im 80 too. Im turning 30 monday. I cant imagine the shape Ill be in when I am 80! Well, thanks everyone, you make me feel like Im not alone. Ill keep yall updated.

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