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I have had severe back issues since a fall on my hip, 3 years ago.

I started out conservative, massage, chriropractor, accupuncture, stretching, hot baths etc..

It just kept getting worse. The most pain next to S2 two inches out which they suspected as SI Joint issues. SO I had the injection and got no relief, it just kept getting worse. Can't sit in a chair without an icepick feeling in that one area. I continued with shots and ended getting L4-L5 next as I do have a mild bulging disc and stenosis. I did get relief for 3 weeks but it came right back. Then another L4L5 3 months later and no effect. We did the diagnostic on the facets and that was negative. I had always been pointing the one spot and said there is a lump down there. They ignored it, and sent me for another SI Joint injection.

Within a week I got wicked sciatica all the way down my right leg, calf and bottom of foot.

Even in the beginning I had numbness on the top of my right foot but the surgeon its not bad enough to be causing issues.

Now we found the lump on Ultrasound and he injected it. I was pain free for the day. (Not the sciatica but it comes and goes terribly even if I stretch)

So the lump(s) are lipomas and are excrutiating and I haven't been able to work (I sit in a chair and write software) in 3 years. Had to keep leaving projects because of the pain of sitting. Might lose my house....Just barely surviving on some small remote projects, but my savings are almost gone. And you think that next injection in 3 months will do it, and after a year your no better or are worse.....or have more problems....

Just to say how bad it is 50mg fetanyl plus 3 oxycodones don't get rid of it. Now this lump changed some, all the tissue around it has attrophied, and the tissue above that next to L4 is swolen. The muscle is raised all the way over to the iliac crest, and it feels like there are more lumps in that area now and getting close to the spine.

I had no insurance and looked for a couple months for someone to take them out in their office and no its needs general I have to wait for preexisting.

So now I have 4 total problems. I had read if that happens after injection you are supposed to go on oral steroids and antibiotics in case there was an inflammation or infections. Anyone do that ?

Anyone else end up with lipomas ? Do they spread into other areas ? Would ablating one cause it to spread and grow somewhere else?

Any advice, I just need to make it a couple more month as I have insurance now but have to wait for preexisting to drop. At this rate of it getting worse (confirmed by my massage therapist that is not muscular...) will I be paralyzed soon or something ? My legs are even weekening......Don't underestimate these lipomas because they are excruciating and pain meds barely take the edge most of the time.....and I read they grow nerve roots and burrow into muslce and can wrap their tentacles around other structures.

Any advice on the sciatica or the lipomas ? I still think I will end up with back surgery with all the pinching and foot numbness....after these other are taken care of (not to mention the hip bone pain, and it comes from within like my hip isn't in the socket. What pain meds and doses could help with this without making me so drowsy like the fentanyl did. And that cause more bone pain and is a side effect. Oxycontin patches ???

Thanks in advance...

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