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Here goes... I've posted on General Health board (no response) and MS Board (everyone was very nice, probably don't have MS... So trying here). I've had many symptoms over two years that I cannot figure out- and I mean me since my doctor is useless. I started having severe back pain two years ago or a little less. Around the same time I started having ridiculous hand pain, swelling, weakness and numbing pins and needles in both hands, plus what feels like "electric shocks" in my hands. Talked to doctor concerning both was told it was two different issues. Back problem doesn't cause hand symptoms, its probably carpal tunnel and the back is work related. Take Motrin. Neither issue got better and I was tested for CT. Don't have it. I was given an X-ray of my back to check for a fracture and tested for arthritis. Neither was the problem. I also have heart palpitations- have had many tests with no Answer. So I've lived with these issues without help or diagnoses. Cut to recently I've had even more problems. Starting with esophageal spams, calf and thigh spasm and pain, leg numbness and weakness that turned into waking up recently to complete thigh, butt, low back numbness to all of that plus pelvic, stomach, upper abdomen, chest- almost whole body numbness. very scary. Then last night I ended up with excrutiating lower back pain and numbness. I went to the ER today. Barely able to walk and in a ton of pain. One position would cause crazy pain, another position would cause crazy numbness, another caused both. I also kept getting a ridiculous urge to pee if I sat up straight. I've had ridiculous constipation for about a month now as well. I got no testing or imaging at the ER. Just told maybe herniated or bulging disc bit no actual definite diagnosis. I'm having popping spuds in my back and thighs when I mow my leg or lay back and get up again. I was guest opening MS given the numbness and fact I've been told back problem cause only lower body symptoms. I have other joint pain- elbow and knee my toes hurt as well... Does anyone experience anything similar or would know what could cause my entire body to be affected if it has o do with my back. I'm obviously experience nerve and muscle problems. Up until recently I hadn't had any leak weakness or numbness. That just started. No accidents. I'm very active, healthy water, etc. I dot have depression or panic disorder. Yes, I may freak out and panic AFTER a new and alarming symptom starts but its always brought on by a new symptom not I have panicky thought that maid eat physical symptoms! I've seen my useless doc so many times without help! I've had several blood tests as well... No Lyme. No do have bouts of dizziness and weird sensitivity to medications. All meds. Waiting on vitamin labs. Ugh. Not sure where to go from here. I meet my new PCP Wednesday' thank for any insight and help you guys have! It appreciated!

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