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HI all...I just got a second mri since my surgery (discectomy) and its gotten somewhat worse...last time phsio, and now there sending me to a surgeon. I have been down this road before having severe sciatica and after surgury it was gone. It was all good, besides waiting for my dural tear to stop leaking....severe migraines so say the least. Anyway I started getting severe pain in both feet, as well calf twitching on surgery side. This was 3 yesrs ago, and a yesr later I was sent for a mri...

They found a lateral bulge at l5/s1 (same surgery disc) encroaching in l5 nerve and sent for physical therapy.

My nerves were tight in both legs and learned stretcing techniques that helped, but back on the fentanyl I went...50mcg right now...I have to work and habe a 1 year old, I need it.

So they just did some xrays on my feet where the severe pain lyes and found a little arthritis, so he sent me for a back mri....this was done by a orthopedic surgeon, specializing in the foot. A follow up was he came in and said my disc had shrunk some more and im sending you to another surgeon and that's all he I went to hospital and got cd of my mri.

Everything the same as last time and more...I have 6 lumbar discs so u wont get confused...some people have this..

L3-l4-mild broad based bulge, facet OA, minimal spinal stenosis

L4-l5-broad based bulge, facet OA, mild spinal stenosis.

L5/l6-broad based disc bulge and central tear. Moderate facet OA, mild spinal stenosis.

L6/s1-loss disc height (again) broad based disc occupy complex, mild facet OA. Mild spinal stenosis. Mild bilateral foaminal stenosis. Disc-osteophyte abut exiting nerve roots. Osteophytes on right slightly progressed. There are some edematous endplate changes.

Looking at my mri the disc is a quarter size as the rest, so I would think he is thinking fusion. My operating surgeon said he took out 60% of my disc, no question for the collapse. Why he would over due it just so it wouldnt herniate again, I probably wouldnt be in this predicament...but who knows...

I will refuse any type of operation until I cant walk after what I went through with this one. I will tell him that waste of time even going. We shall see, but that's what ive been dealing with for the last 7 years since my accident. The only work ive missed is for my surgery as I need my same pay to pay the bills. Im sure there are lots of others and in a lot worse off than me...that's for sure...there will always be someone worse.

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