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Hi all. I had a microdisectomy April 18 2013 L5S1. I had originally herniated in OCtober 2012. I tried PT it did not help at all it actually made things worse. I got an injection in my spine end of march. Shortly after the shot I began getting severe pain down my butt and then down my leg, There really is no words for me to describe how bad the pain was. I explained to the doctor at my PT office and he said it was probably that I sat in a different car seat, Place was horrible Total Health in NJ. The nerve was so badly damaged I lost motion in my foot i had numbness in my leg as well. The pain was unlike anything I ever could imagine. After 2 weeks of pain finally it became more numb and the shooting leg pain stopped. The numbness increased and loss of foot and toe movement. Still in pain and concerned about not being able to move my foot I went to ER where they said they would do Emergency Micro due to Cauda Equina nerves being compressed. Frightened, never having surgery, I left to seek a second and third opinion. All agreed I needed the surgery and even I knew it had to be done.

Starting feeling the best I had been since initial herniation May1, 2, 3. Then I woke up May 4 with the pain going down the right side of my butt (originally it was the left side of the butt leg and foot) I was so afraid and bracing myself for the leg pain. After reading these boards I knew it would be weeks of the Dr. thinking it was inflamed nerves, or other things besides reherniation. I went to ER and got a new MRI which I had to fight for bc they also thought it was normal healing of tissue causing this pain. I know my body and the MRI came back reherniation.

This is where Im at now. My doctor said he can go in and operate or try steroids and other methods to see how I do.

I just started the medro pack after getting a shot of it in the hospital. It seems to be helping. My question is has anyone been in this situation and held out on a second microdisectomy surgery with success??
Also how long does the relief from the steroids help? its my first time taking them.
Im afraid when i wean that i will be back to square one with the pain going down my leg. I am so afraid of that pain and I keep thinking it will come back once Im off the steroids.

Any input?

I am so afraid the pain will come back.

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