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I am doing well - no numbness, no pain or incision soreness - except that I notice I have a sciatic ankle twinge and lower back twinge occasionally. It seems to be based on my activity level or after I sit for awhile. I try to avoid bending, but since I am 28 days postop, maybe it's okay to bend once in awhile.

I ride my exercise bike for about a half hour 5 days per week and also take quite a few short walks throughout the day. I am going to try taking some longer walks and see how I do.

I had a synovial cyst removed from the same joint in early December which recurred in two months, right after I tried playing tennis again. So I can tell you that in my case, playing 6 weeks after surgery was too soon, even though the doctor okayed it. I think the constant rotation of the spine from tennis may be what caused my cysts, unfortunately.

Since golf involves some spine and facet joint rotation, if I were you, I probably would not go back to that for awhile. I have seen some posts on here where men were told not to golf for at least 3 months after laminectomies. I think in our case, the facet joint capsule has to regenerate, and that can take a few months.

I'm praying that this works! If it recurs again, I have a choice of A) living with it or B) removal of the facet joint and fusion. Do you have any idea what caused your cyst?

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