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[B]there is no significant foraminal stenosis seen.. There is moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis noted[/B]

Was this explained to you? It makes no sense to me as the two things are the same to me...and one can't be moderate if the other is not least from how we would word things in the US. The nerves get squished if there is narrowing in the foramen. Another word for foramina is the neural-foramina (foramen is plural)...It would make a big difference because moderate stenosis at this level could be very painful and cause lots of radicular pain down the leg.

A Grade I spondylolisthesis is the least amount one can have, but if it is actively slipping it can be very painful. I had a fusion for a Grade I retrolisthesis....and personally, I cannot imagine doing all the physical activity you describe with even a Grade I spondy.

Since you have nerve pain, or at least I assume you won't get much relief from pain meds but it might help to take a "nerve pain" med like gabapentin (Neurontin) or Lyrica. The only thing that made me able to cope with my situation was that my pain would go away when I saw down or got the weight off my feet. But I gather you don't get relief from any that correct?

I guess in Canada they must not consider spondylolisthesis a reason to have surgery. Have you had a recent flexion/extension x-ray to see if your spondy is active (creating instability)?

Welcome to the board. I hope we can help in some small way.

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