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That's great news. I'm sure you are thrilled. Please also follow your surgeon's advice to not overdo it. Posts like yours make me cringe a little because I know what welcome news it is and how when the nerve pain abates, the temptation is to want to plow ahead doing all the things you haven't been able to do for awhile....and the sad thing is, we never know what is "too much" until after we've done it and are laid low by recurring nerve pain. Most of the time it just sets recovery back a bit...but when done repeatedly, it can set up a sort of chronic nerve, please take it slow and increase your activity slowly, no more than 10% per week, or similar.

I just hate reading posts at four or five months that say "I felt good after surgery...and now the leg pain is back. What should I do??" I don't want to see you in that situation. L5-S1 can be a little tricky as you become more active. Often the SI joints get sore, and it can cause what feels like "hip" pain. The spine, soft tissue and fascia need time to slowly adjust to the new alignment.

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