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Thank you everyone for the replies and advice.
This morning I woke up with a new symptom: pins and needles in left leg followed by numbness in left foot across my toes. It is so annoying and feels like my foot is asleep.

I went for a transforaminal spinal edipural injection today in my l5/s1 nerve root since the dr said that is what is causing all the pain,,,,
Doctor said there is weakness in left side, along w a mild drop foot and that it can progess quickly if not treated but that they want to try the injection first since it can work and help repair or take pressure off that nerve. If it doens't work then a micro discetomy is recommended.
It worries me that i now have more symptoms and hoping this shot works. I have an appointment in another 2-3 weeks to evaluate my symptoms and discuss if the shot worked for me. If not, then I speak with the spine surgeon. All these appointments and driving to them is horrible---I start back to work on August 14 and NOT a clue how I can do this with already taking sick days for these appointments/consults.
It is so stressful.

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