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Re: Gabapentine
Aug 21, 2013
Two hands
Thank you for the reply
I can work with difficulty - I'm a self employed contractor/carpenter who needs to work. When things get real bad I just stop and lay flat then either I'm done or I push on (being busy can make you forget-Till you stop).
I'm lucky I can go for walks but it increases the pain.
Sitting increases the pain
Standing increases the pain
Laying flat ice and using a tens unit gives relief..
Mornings are the best time and things just progressively get worse till I have to stop and be done...
No more 8 hour days,Or 5 day work weeks
Spend a lot of time in bed...
When it's bad it's bad
I'll give it more time. I've tried so many other things

My surgeon and pain management doctors work together so I don't see any real issues there. My surgeon has been prescribing for over a year - Pre surgery post surgery.?

Teteri wrote "It may be that you have some instability from multiple discectomy without fusion that is causing the continuing pain".
I'm starting to think along those lines but I think fusing's not an option.
I'm thinking the other side needs to get decompressed/cleaned out.
Things just don't feel right.
I'm wondering if those steroid injection can damage things, last round was very painful.
I can almost pinpoint the area in my back the pain originates from.
Then down to my butt and all the way down my leg sometimes both(STABING,BURNING)
It's different from last time
I know there are people worse off and I thankful I can still do what I can do.
I just need relief
Thanks again
Re: Gabapentine
Aug 24, 2013
Sometimes an epidural steroid injection can be pushed through the epidural space & dura & end up in the spinal fluid which about 20% of the time can start an inflammatory process to begin called adhesive arachnoiditis which is symptomatic of intense burning on skin, or severe pain in back or down leg, or numbness, sciatica in leg & foot. If you think you may have had a traumatic esi then I would get a copy of all the surgical records, MRI reports, procedures like the esi, etc however it is likely it could just be part of the back surgery recovery. What was your "bad" reaction to the 2nd esi?

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