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Thank you for your input. Maybe it is inflammation. If so, how will I know, and how long should I wait to call doc? I saw the PA at six weeks post op and told her my teaching job began 8/6. She said if I was careful to rotate standing and sitting, and of course I continued to avoid bending lifting and twisting it would be okay to try. I did everything they said, didn't even carry my laptop, nothing strenuous, but it did me in. I went from Tylenol only back to Lortab.

My appointment with the doctor was on 8/8 (right after I attempted working and nine weeks post op) and where he did X-rays. He said the hardware was all in place, so that wasn't messed up, he believed I had just been up moving about too much. My best positions are laying down or walking. I was walking an hour a day, and he told me to pull back to 30 minutes a day, which I have done. My pain is bad, and if I didn't have to drive with kid duties, I would take my pain medicine during the day. Instead I am just dealing with it, and laying on my heating pad a lot. He did say to call if it didn't get better soon. I didn't think to ask how long to wait before calling, it has been three weeks.

I had nerve pain before the surgery. I had intense sciatica and trouble with both feet, but more right. I fell in October when I stood and lost feeling in my feet altogether, but the numbness was thankfully temporary. It took from October to June to get the surgery approved. My feet would "curl up" making it difficult to stand, walk, drive. I worked through all of it and finished out my school year. I began Forteo injections the end of May, they are supposed to enhance your chances of fusion. I have been taking those daily plus extra protein. I am trying to do everything I can for a good result.

The only positives since surgery is my left foot has improved, and my sciatica has all but gone away completely, just leaving me with the right foot trouble. I have been taking Gabapentin for all of this, too. I am also thankful for the opportunity to have the surgery, and believe I have an excellent neurosurgeon. The negatives are despite research, etc, are that this recovery is more of a roller coaster ride than a slow and steady thing. And, it is much slower than I thought. I truly thought worst case, I could go back to work in four months post op. Now, he has said November at the very earliest. He has also said to call if things continue to stay bad (which they are, and today is even worse). He said he may have to do a myelogram/CT :eek:

Thank you for your kind and helpful post. If you or anyone has more advice or encouragement I would love it. Thank you!
Gmack, hi. Well, my NS wants me to go to a specialist, he is an anesthesiologist, but specializes in tough cases like me I guess. He will perform a blood patch using a fluoroscope in the morning. I couldn't get it scheduled today, and they worked me into the morning. My NS also bumped me up to see him Thursday morning to review my CT/M results. I will be glad to feel better tomorrow, at least a little bit, and find out what is going on officially on Thursday. Hopefully I don't have what you've had, that just sounds really rough.

As for my history, I had an injury in 2007, and was treated at that time for an "annular tear". After four months of PT, they said I was "healed". I continued having trouble though, unable to bend, and trouble with my right foot "pins and needles". I saw an orthopedic surgeon who ordered my first CT/M in 2008 I think. It came back as severe DDD (age was 39) with mild compression on my nerves on right. He ordered more PT. I got along after that, with pain. I went the chiro route for a bit. I saw a neurosurgeon and he recommended a discogram, but believed in addition to DDD, I had two herniated discs, and one was collapsing with fluid leaking out onto nerves. I then became pregnant (yes, at age 40, lol). So, I never had the discogram.

I had a horrible pregnancy, I was put on bed rest for me, not baby, because I had sciatica and kept tripping over my right foot. I was in PT during my pregnancy, used a tens unit, and took Flexiril. I had my guy 3 weeks early. He was great, but I have just gone downhill since. I was referred to a physiatrist. He has done 2 epidural injections, 3 medial branch blocks, 2 radiofrequency ablations, and 1 sacroiliac injection. Then, in October 2012 I went to stand after sitting for a bit, and had no feet, no feeling, nothing. I fell, twisting my ankle and skinning up my face.

With my new falling incident, I then had three more months of PT, then finally started seeing neurosurgeons. Three of them told me I needed a lumbar fusion. So, I have now had the one back surgery which was ALIF/PLIF L4-L5 and L5-S1 in June.

Two hands,
Yes, I am still waiting and hoping to be approved for STD. I am without pay right now, I used up all my sick time I had on the books in mid August. I am of course hoping to get approved. I do have questions about SSDI. I am at the wait and see part for STD and subsequently LTD. I will check out that other board. I really would like to return to work, I miss it so much, but so far things aren't going so well.

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