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Well, I got the blood patch on Tuesday, and I must say it was very unpleasant. It took longer than usual because they couldn't get any blood out of my arm to inject. The pressure was more intense than I anticipated. When they tried to sit me up at a 90 degree angle, it really got me into spasms, plus I can only sit upright in a chair, having my feet out (like sitting up in bed) doesn't work for me at all. So then, they told me to be restful for 48 hours. I was so scared it wouldn't work, and the headache would come back, but YAY! It worked! It still really irritated me more than I thought, so my lumbar pain has been an 8+ since, but thankfully it is going down last night and today. I went for my walk this morning for the first time in a week, and my walk is the best part of my day, so it was great!

I got the results of the CT/M. Mostly all good news! He showed it to us and went over it very carefully. The fusion has begun, so it is taking! It is at the beginning stages, but won't be done for another 12-18 months or so. He showed us the hardware, and it does look perfectly placed, symmetrical, etc. I had two spacers put in, so he showed us that, and how the nerves had lots of room to come and go. He said it looked textbook on the films. He is very concerned at my continued level of pain, and the predominately right leg/foot pain and numbness. I also told him, thinking it was most likely unrelated, but in the past month or so, my right shoulder, arm and hand are bothering me. I wake up almost every night with my right hand asleep, and it goes numb a lot throughout the day. He said hopefully it is unrelated.

His final synopsis was this: 1) I may have some sort of inflammation causing the pain and symptoms, 2) I may have some type of neuropathy, 3) I may just need more time, and some more movement. So, he ordered a cervical and lumbar EMG, he ordered a bunch of X-rays of cervical, lumbar, and whole torso shots, he ordered a whole bunch of lab work to rule out stuff like Lupus, etc, and he isn't considering it emergent, but is referring me to a rheomatologist. He also ordered a cervical MRI, just to double check the hand thing.

What I think is this: at first I felt crazy, but then as I reflected, I know the pain I have is real, and the symptoms I have are real. I am hoping for a simple explanation which is, I am getting older and probably have a herniated disc in my neck, which, if not an emergent issue, I will totally live with the discomfort, being thankful it is unrelated. As for my other stuff, he prescribed PT, which I haven't had since the surgery. I think I am stiff, and haven't worked certain muscles, and just need time and careful movement and retraining.
I am hoping it is not some kind of inflammation or neuropathy (not really sure about either one of those issues) but that sounds bad, so I am just going to trust in time and PT. We will see!

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